I was just a girl who loved to shop, literally. It all started at the age of four where I was born in Pittsburgh, PA (Go Steelers!). My Aunt Sherri, I called her Aunt Shoppin who I loved dearly would pick me up for our very occasional shopping day. She is my favorite Aunt and I wanted to be just like her. I remember she was always dressed to perfection and always going somewhere. She worked for the airlines and traveled the world...Well, back to our shopping days...she would always let me pick out what ever I wanted, she would take me to these cute children's boutiques; I still remember to this day. Aunt Shoppin bought me my first fur coat it was black rabbits fur and I wore it as often as my mother would let me so much until the fur started to leave lol.

Fast forward to when I took my first trip to Paris and fell completely in love with fashion. I remember when I went I had a hard time finding a beauty supply store and met some girls from Africa that were so impressed by my Acrylic nails and hair extensions. This was before these things became popular in Paris. I remember thinking wow they are impressed at these what I considered small things and I was so impressed at the fact that they lived in freakin PARIS! Anywho I was always that girl into hair extensions, color and fashion. However, after going to school for Business and Fashion Merchandising I surrounded myself with Fashion and the Arts. Today I reside in Atlanta, GA where I have lived for more than 10 years. I'm a mother of two boys full of excitement that also keep me on the edge. So, if you're asking what will you find here? Well, of course you will find fashion, hair, travel tips and fun! Makeup and beauty products as well because I love trying new things. You will be on the edge with me. If you would like to know something talk to me! I'm so happy you have decided to get on this wheel with me and I hope you enjoy the ride!

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