I don't know where it came from but it was like a acne bomb hit me in the face! Out of no where I started a breakout of adult acne and it was BAD! I had it on my cheeks, forehead and chin and they were big no HUGE pimples. I was on a hunt for the cure and it was hard because I didn't know what was causing it I just knew I needed it gone. I went to an Esthetician which can be pricey but also takes time. I decided not to go that route because I needed something that wouldn't take too long and was affordable so, I started doing some research. I decided to start eliminating possible causes for my acne.

First, I stopped eating greek yogurt after finding that some people that suffer from acne may have a reaction from consuming dairy which can cause inflammation in the skin. Next, if you wear makeup it's important that you make sure your makeup brushes are cleaned after every use during an acne breakout to prevent bacteria. During my breakout I went on a hiatus from makeup, which I know can be hard but I was on a mission. I looked up some natural ways to clear acne and scars along with a different face cleaning routine that would work with my skin. I used a baking soda rinse which helps with acne and I also use Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar like you would a toner and let it sit on my face for at least three minutes and rinse. I would then use my Pacifica Detox cleanser which is good for acne and I used my "Liquid Gold" Blackseed oil as a moisterizer after because it was great for healing pimples instantly it reduced the swelling in literally a minute and started the healing process for popped pimples immediately. After I was able to rid my outbreaks I was left with some acne scarring and that's where the Kojie San soap helps drascially reduce the scarring and evened my skin tone. This soap is not intended for long term use. It's important to get the right soap this one is authentic and has great reviews.

I feel that when you're experiencing acne like I did you don't want a product like some major brands that cause you to be dependent on it forever and as soon as you stop using it you have acne again. The routine I used cured my acne without expensive treatments and products. If you're having acne breakouts and try this method follow me on my social media links let me know how it's working on your skin. Below are a few before and after pics of my breakout and results.

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